The Current Pricing Landscape for “Large Language Models”


Large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT have exploded in popularity recently. Tech giants and startups alike are racing to release their LLMs. However, one key question remains – how much will these powerful AI tools cost consumers? This article will compare the pricing and plans for the top LLMs.

An Overview of Leading Large Language Models

LLMs are AI systems trained on massive text data to generate human-like writing and dialogue. Here are some of the leading models:

OpenAI’s ChatGPT

ChatGPT took the world by storm when it launched in November 2022. Its advanced conversational ability delights users. However, OpenAI has shared limited details on long-term pricing plans.

Google’s Sparrow

Unveiled in 2022, Sparrow represents Google’s foray into LLMs. It’s conversational skills have impressed testers so far. Public pricing for Sparrow has yet to be announced.

Microsoft’s Sydney

Microsoft’s Sydney LLM aims to provide an informative, chat-based experience. It will integrate closely with Microsoft products. Pricing remains unannounced, as Sydney is currently in preview.

Anthropic’s Claude

Anthropic designed Claude to be helpful, harmless, and honest using a technique called constitutional AI. Claude has tiered pricing plans for consumers.

Cohere and AI21 Studio

Startups like Cohere and AI21 Studio also offer LLMs with usage tiers and monthly subscriptions aimed at individuals.

Factors Impacting LLM Pricing

What goes into pricing these advanced AIs? Here are some key considerations:

Compute the power needed for Training

LLMs require massive computational resources to train on huge datasets. Companies must recover these AI training costs.

Ongoing Model Improvement

LLMs need regular fine-tuning and upgrades to improve. Pricing must account for continuous model iteration and maintenance.

User Experience Quality

A seamless user experience is crucial. Pricing tiers will likely depend on factors like response latency and coherence.

Customer Support Resources

24/7 customer support and content moderation require significant investment to responsibly maintain LLMs.

Market Competition

In a growing market, competitive pricing will be essential to attracting users and gaining market share.

LLM Pricing Comparison Table

Here is an overview of current and announced pricing plans for major consumer LLMs:

LLM ModelPricing
Anthropic Claude– Free (50 msgs/week)<br>- $20/month unlimited
OpenAI ChatGPT– Free preview (capped)<br>- Pricing TBD
Google Sparrow– Free preview<br>- Pricing TBD
Microsoft Sydney– Free preview<br>- Pricing TBD
Anthropic Constitutional AI– $15/month individual<br>- Custom enterprise pricing
Cohere– Free tier (limited)<br>- $20/month individual<br>- Custom enterprise pricing
AI21 Studio– Free tier (limited)<br>- $29/month individual<br>- Custom enterprise pricing

Anthropic Claude Pricing Large Language Models

Anthropic offers a free Claude tier with 50 weekly messages. For unlimited use, Claude is $20 per month. Bulk discounts are available for annual subscriptions.

OpenAI and Google’s Unannounced Pricing Large Language Models

OpenAI and Google have not shared pricing details for ChatGPT and Sparrow beyond free preview periods with usage caps. Full pricing will be announced closer to the public launch.

Microsoft Sydney’s Murky Pricing Path

No pricing is available for Sydney as it remains in preview. Integration with Microsoft products could indicate special bundle pricing when it launches.

Constitutional AI’s Straightforward Tier

Anthropic’s Constitutional AI is $15 monthly for individuals. It focuses on helpfulness and truthfulness rather than pure conversational ability.

Cohere and AI21 Studio’s Subscription Models

These startups offer free tiers with monthly subscriptions ranging from $20 to $30 for unlimited individual use. Bulk options are available.

The Bottom Line

LLM pricing is still shaking out as models evolve from research to general release. So far, Claude seems one of the most attractively priced for everyday consumers. OpenAI and Microsoft especially have room to leverage their vast resources to subsidize appealing prices.

Competitive pressures and rapid progress will likely yield affordable, innovative LLM pricing structures. The ready availability of these AIs could revolutionize how people work, learn, and access information. Pricing will play a key role in turning LLMs into mass-market must-have tools.

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