How to Fix Elementor page Extra space Solved

How to Fix Elementor page Extra space Solved
How to Fix Elementor page


Mostly NewBee is having trouble with a very common How to Fix Elementor page: “Extra white space on the right side of the column. It’s because of not focusing on accurate pixel sizes. Well, here I have a solution for you guys… I hope it will solve your problem.. a simple code where we set the overflow -x value to hidden. And don’t forget to see the LAST TIP

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How to Fix Elementor page: “Extra space”

This code is very useful when you are working in Elementor and your website is out of control. Here, you need this quick help Although it’s not a permanent solution, you can fix it very quickly.

I hope it will be helpful for most of the elementor page builders and web designers because a lot of people are suffering just because of not having enough knowledge.

sometimes its really confusing and all your effort seems to go in vain.

Here is the code


Just copy and paste the code into the Theme and appearance. just edit the additional CSS

Last Tip to Fix elementor page

Look carefully. In the case of any update, there is a possibility that you will lose the code. To keep the code running on your website, you can save it with you and just copy and paste it again.

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